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physical therapy
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Delaney Sullivan
Doctor of Physical Therapy

A Californian transplant, Delaney moved to Austin to attend the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, where she earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Delaney is experienced in treating various musculoskeletal injuries such as post-op cases, acute or chronic pain, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, and injury prevention. Her specialty is working with lifting athletes using her Barbell Rehab Method certification. Delaney founded Sway because she saw a need in the PT landscape for one-on-one athlete-focused care and was drawn to the flexibility of a cash pay model.

Not only has Delaney been the therapist, but the patient as well. Delaney has been through rehab at all levels, from prehab for volleyball to post concussion therapy and in between. PT helped Delaney continue doing what she loved and playing volleyball at the collegiate level.

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1 / Exercise Prescription 

As soon as an injury occurs, collagen is laid down by our body to start the recovery process whether it's a bone, muscle, tendon or ligament.  Properly loading these structures helps to produce more collagen needed in these injured areas and promotes quicker healing. Guidance and prescription of loading these structures through exercise is the core of physical therapy practices at Sway.


Programming is a viable option for the independent patient who currently has a workout routine or would like to get started with one. Programming can be tailored to help recover injuries with exercises specific to patient deficits while continuing to improve the patient's overall strength, endurance, and mobility.

3 / Dry Needling

Dry needling techniques can be a good addition to treatment when a structure needs encouragement to kickstart the healing process. By inserting a small sterile needle into an injured structure, the 4 stage healing process starts over and brings blood flow and nutrients to the area. 

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